Tenchi Forever! (1999)

(aka Tenchi Muyo in Love 2)


Format: 94-minute feature

Rating: PG-13+ (N, AC)

Type: Sci Fi Romantic Drama

American Production: Pioneer Entertainment (now Geneon)

English Dub Production: ??

Japanese Production: Pioneer LDC/AIC










Character Design:




Artistic Merits:


English Dub:


Musical Score:






Humor Content:


Action Content:


Drama Content:




DVD Presentation:


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††††† When Ayeka and Ryoko confront Tenchi and insist that he make a choice between them, he turns tail and runs into the forest, only to disappear. Months later the gang has spread out across the Tenchi universe in an effort to locate Tenchi, who, it seems, has slipped into a parallel dimension. There he has aged a few years and is keeping house with a woman named Haruna, a woman that apparently has connections to Yoshoís past, while having apparently forgotten about everyone else. Can the combined efforts of all of Tenchiís harem and his grandfather rescue him?


The Long View

 †††† Tenchi Forever! is by far the most serious and mature of all of the Tenchi titles, so much so that itís virtually devoid of humor. This isnít a Good Thing, since the Tenchi franchise is predicated on a certain amount of pure silliness, so I have to wonder what the writers were thinking. The clear theme here is the spirit-from-the-past-trying-to-make-up-for-lost-opportunity approach, and while that does require a certain amount of seriousness, it could have been done with at least some humor. As it is, the almost complete lack of comedic content (thereís only one decent joke in the entire movie and it comes early) drains the vitality from most of the characters. On the plus side, taking the serious approach does make the scenes where Ayeka cries much more effective and allows Ryoko to show that she can be serious when the situation demands it. It is also refreshing to see Tenchi acting with confidence around a woman, even if itís because heís been induced into believing he loves her.

††††† Tenchi Forever is firmly in line with the continuity of the Tenchi Universe TV series and is apparently intended as a sequel to the first movie; the ending of the second movie apparently does not play into this storyline. The biggest benefit to this is the reappearance of the knightly forms of Amaze and Kamidake. We also get to see a bit of the inside of the (in)famous Science Academy, which is a nice touch. This is also the first Tenchi material where we get a hint of Tenchiís career ambitions or serious hints about which of the harem is on his mind the most.

††††† The overall technical merits for Tenchi Forever are, by a slight margin, the best of all the Tenchi material, although the character designs seem a little off; that this one was more heavily computer-animated whereas the previous two were done mostly with cel animation is probably responsible for this impression, however. A good job was done about projecting how Tenchi might look in his early 20s, though. The English dub is its usual respectable self, except that the voice of the younger Yosho is a little too high-pitched, while the musical scoring and closing song are entirely unimpressive. Thereís very little true action in this movie (unlike in all other Tenchi material), so itís difficult to give an action rating. This one does have a bit of (ill-defined) nudity and some distinct adult situations in addition to being a more mature story, so it isnít appropriate for younger viewers.

††††† Being a fan of previous Tenchi material is not a guarantee that youíll like this movie. It is a movie mostly for Tenchi completists.


DVD Extras

††††† Extras include a teaser, a trailer, Pioneer title info, and some concept art.


Principle English Voice Actors


Voice Actor

Tenchi Masaki

Matt ďKermitĒ Miller

Haruna, Ryo-Ohki

Debi Derryberry


Jennifer Darling


Sherry Lynn


Wendee Lee


Petrea Burchard


Rebecca Forstadt


Kate T. Vogt

Noboyuke, Katsuhito

Bob Pappenbrook

Yosho (younger)

Richard Cansino


Doug Stone


Michael Sorich




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