Format: 6 25+ minute OVA episodes on 2(?) DVDs

Rating: R (N, AC, AL)

Type: Comedy

American Production: ADV Films

English Dub Production: A.D. Vision

Japanese Production: various









Character Design:




Artistic Merits:


English Dub:


Musical Score:








Humor Content:


Action Content:


Drama Content:




DVD Presentation:

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DVD Extras:

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      Kintaro Oe is a 25-year-old wanderer who traverses Japan on his bike, doing odd jobs along the way, with the express intent of learning what he can from the world around him. Along the way he finds himself in many interesting situations involving gorgeous ladies. 



      “This is SO educational!” (Kintaro)

      “Study study study study study study. . .” (Kintaro)


The Long View

      At first glance Golden Boy seems to be just an excuse for goofy humor and lots of fan service, and indeed its episodes are rife with ample shares of both. Kintaro gives every outward indication of being nothing more than a screwball horn dog who loves to ogle women and take detailed notes about his experiences in his journal. He has various weird habits, including a fascination with toilet seats used by gorgeous women – which gets him into various kinds of trouble throughout the series. Look a bit deeper, though, and Golden Boy’s true nature shines through. For all his faults, Kintaro is an upbeat, optimistic, and extremely enthusiastic fellow who always strives towards seemingly impossible goals and doesn’t fuss over having to do even the hardest and most menial of jobs because everything, from his viewpoint, is a learning experience. Despite the way he drools over sexy ladies, he is ultimately a decent fellow willing to put himself in harm’s way to preserve one’s reputation or help someone out. He also has amazing insight and an uncanny ability to quickly learn how to do anything, often leaving successes in his wake even when he thinks he’s failed. Nearly every episode, and often without intending to do so, he not only turns a woman’s life around but also wins the heroine’s affection. Unfortunately for him, he’s always gone by the time the woman’s ready to grant him his reward.

      Each episode finds Kintaro in a different situation. In one episode he works for a computer firm staffed entirely by women that is struggling to develop new software, in another he’s a campaign worker for a politician and a tutor for the politician’s daughter, who has a bad habit of sadistically toying with young men. Episode three finds him becoming a swim instructor (even though he can’t swim well at first), while the fourth episode finds Kintaro working at a family restaurant in danger of being bought out. In the fifth episode Kintaro works as a servant at a wealthy estate while trying to track down a voluptuous motorcyclist who regards her motorcycle as a replacement for men. The last episode briefly brings the lead female characters from all the previous episodes back together as Kintaro tries to help an animation studio meet a stiff deadline. This is probably the most insightful and interesting episode for most viewers, since it provides what is probably a fair behind-the-scenes peek at the stresses of working in the animation business. The change of scenery in each episode is also accompanied by a change in the central woman for each episode, who range from slutty to hard-nosed to reserved and demure. They vary widely in appearance but are usually quite voluptuous.

      The technical merits and artistry for Golden Boy are nothing exceptional, and the English vocal performances range form fair to really annoying. (Kintaro’s voice in particular can grate on the nerves after a while). The musical themes, while not bad, don’t particularly shine, either. The real quality of Golden Boy is in its storytelling.

      The rating given for Golden Boy is due partly to occasional bits of actual nudity and lots of additional fan service in the form of revealing clothing, especially clothing tight enough to reveal nipples. Explicit language and sexually suggestive scenes are also staples. This is not a series for younger audiences!

      Ignore first impressions when it comes to Golden Boy. This is a series that may surprise you.


DVD Extras

      The DVDs are not reviewed. This review is based off Anime Network broadcasts.


Principle English Voice Actors


Voice Actor

Kintaro Oe

Doug Smith

Narrator, assorted minor roles

Charles Campbell*


Carol Amerson

Naoko Katsuda, minor roles

Allison Keith

Juzo Katsuda, Hiroshi Kogure, minor roles

Tristan MacAvery


Kim Sevier

Reiko Terayama

Laura Chapman

Ayuko Hayamizu

Sue Ulu


Yvonne Aquirre

Producer, minor roles 

Amanda Winn Lee


John Swasey

Assorted minor roles

Matt Greenfield, Tiffany Grant, Marcie Corder, Kurt Billings, Jason Lee, Erin Rosaire


* - also one of the recording engineers


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