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An Introduction to Anime and Manga

††††† - Are you a newcomer to the world of anime and manga, or just want to learn more about the basic principles underlying

them and how they compare to American animation? This essay is for you!


Glossary of Anime/Manga Terms

††††† - Exactly what it says it is!


Anime Conventions

††††† - Explanations of some standard elements frequently seen in anime series.



††††† - Have questions about elements of anime that arenít answered above? Check out this ever-expanding list!


Sub vs. Dub: The Great Debate

††††† - Commentary on one of the most divisive issues in anime fandom.


Voice Actor Profiles

††††† - At this time this feature is unavailable. Check out http://www.crystalacids.com/database for one excellent source of voice actor information. Another can be found at http://voices.fuzzy.com/default.asp.





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