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NOTE: All sights are English language sites.


ADV Films: The largest anime distributor in North America and one of the larger American DVD distributors overall. Titles too numerous to even begin mentioning here. Also includes A.D. Vision, which pops up as the production company on some earlier dubs.


AnimEigo: Known for titles such as Bubblegum Crash, Oh! My Goddess, Battle Royal High School, and You’re Under Arrest.


Anime 18: A leading distributor of hentai anime and manga. Use this link to reach the site for their manga content.


Anime Works: Carries a variety of anime titles, mostly less prominent ones. Best-known as the distributor for Berserk.


Bandai Entertainment: Another prominent anime dubber and distributor. The site tends to load rather slowly, even on a cable modem.


Central Park Media: One of the larger anime distributors, the general CPM name covers several subsidiary labels, including U.S. Manga Corps (which focuses on teen and adult content) and Software Sculptors (which focuses on more family-friendly titles)


FUNimation: Distributor of Blue Gender and Dragonball titles, among others.


Kitty Media: A prominent hentai distributor.


Manga Video: Carries titles including Blood: The Last Vampire and Read or Die.


Pioneer Animation:  The second-largest anime distributor in North America. Carries many prominent titles. Has recently changed their name to Geneon as part of a buy-out, but their Web site remains at the same location for the moment.


Production I.G.: This is the English language page for a prominent Japanese anime producer. They are responsible for titles such as Ghost in the Shell, FLCL, Patlabor, and others.


The Right Stuf International: Mostly an anime superstore, this company does have a couple of production titles under its belt, most notably Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko.


Synch-Point: The production division of Anime Gamers USA, Inc., Synch-Point is a relative newcomer to the anime and manga translation and dubbing business. They are responsible for the English language versions of FLCL and Di Gi Charat, among others.


Urban Vision: Distributes anime mostly aimed at more mature audiences, including Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D, and Twilight of the Dark Master.


Viz:  Formerly known as Viz Video, Viz is a leading publisher of English manga adaptations and anime-related magazines. (They claim to be “the leading U.S. publisher of Japanese animation and comics. . . for English-speaking audiences,” but I have heard claims to the contrary on this.) Also responsible for more family-friendly anime titles like Inuyasha, Ranma 2, and Hamtaro. Some Viz titles have been manufactured and distributed by other companies on this list.



Dealer Links


Anime Nation:  Carries a large selection of anime, manga, and related merchandise (including import titles), as well as featuring regular news updates and the “Ask John” column. I have ordered from them several times and found them to be very reliable.



General Anime/Manga Links


Anime Licensing:  A subpage of a BitTorrent fileswapping site dedicated to anime, it has one of the most up-to-date lists of American licenses of anime releases.


Anime Suki – A good site for finding fansubs to download via BitTorrent.


Anime News Network: One of the most thorough and up-to-date sites for anime and manga-related news from across the industry. Updates on most days.


Anime Tourist:  Another prominent anime news and information site.


Double Back:  A fan-created database logging roles for English voice actors and production staff for commercially-released anime.


Cartoon Network: Home to Toonami and Adult Swim anime programming.


TechTV | Anime Unleashed:  Tech TV airs a variety of anime programming, and this is its home page. Has some info besides just schedules.


Virtual Mekton: Though designed to support the Virtual Mekton RPG, it provides some handy info on correct use of Japanese honorifics and hardware terms.




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