Vash the Stampede, Trigun

pic of VashDescription: Donut-scarfing sharpshooting outlaw with superhuman abilities, Vash spends his days on Planet Gunsmoke helping those in need and fleeing all manner of villains. He's childlike and puts on a facade of optimism and goodwill despite being tortured by pains of the past.
What Makes Him A Hero: Vash is clearly capable of destroying all of mankind in a matter of days, but not only does he choose to fight for good instead, he refuses to take a single human life. He spouts a mantra of "love and peace" that may seem like a joke initially, but it's a vow of pacifism he would readily die for. His love for humanity even extends to the most corrupt of baddies who he spares and urges to change their ways, even at great cost to his own safety. Faithful to a fault, Vash is a shining example of compassion in a world ruled by the violent and lawless.

Video Clip #1
Context: Vash has an immense bounty on his head as a result of supposedly having destroyed an entire city, which is why the townsfolk are holding guns on him in this scene and at least partly why the guy with the robot is after him. Meryl and Millie, the two young ladies who come onto the scene in its middle, are insurance adjustors sent in pursuit of him. Although they have met Vash before, this is the first time that either realizes Vash's true identity, as he has never come across to them as the ruthless individual he supposedly is. The scene unfortunately cuts off before showing Vash defeat the giant in dramatic fashion using only six bullets, but it does show where Vash's priorities lie.

Video Clip #2
Context: A hostage situation has developed and the terrorist are making demands or else they'll start killing hostages. Vash heroically steps in to save the day, only to be confronted with a moral dilemma, what will he do?

Video Clip #3
In the first scene, Vash fights the evil Midvalley, who during the fight attempts to kill innocent civilians, in response to which Vash bravely throws himself in harm's way to save them. In the second scene Vash must face the evil Legato, who is manipulating innocent civilians to try and kill Vash and later his close friends. Will Vash break his vow never to kill in order to save their lives?