This page lists all named Elders and other supporting characters prominent enough to be both named and have a significant impact on the story. (As a general rule they have also appeared in at least two episodes.)




Elder For: Clare

Personality: Smarmy bastard.

Notes: In addition to being Clare’s handler, he is the one who accepted her into the Organization in the past story arc.

Ep. of First Appearance:  2



Elder For: Teresa (past arc)

Personality: Intolerant.

Ep. of First Appearance: 5


Elder For: Galatea and Miria

Personality: Acts parental but regards Claymores as monsters.

Ep. of First Appearance: 10




Notes: The highest-ranking Elder seen in the anime, he leads a council of Elders in a discussion about the disappearance of Clare.

Episode Appeared: 15






Father Vincent

Personality: Fatherly, deeply concerned.

Notes: The priest in Rabona who secretly calls for a Claymore to investigate deaths suspected to be caused by a yoma, he is also the one who deals with Clare when she arrives.

Episodes Appeared: 3 and 4


Sid (L) and Galk (R)

Personality: Sid = cocky, Galk = Professional and level-headed.

Notes: Sid is a dextrous warrior specializing in throwing knives, while Galk is a sturdy and resolute swordsman. Both are town guards in Rabona and both are initially distrustful and disdainful of Claymores, though their experiences with Clare and the so-called Voracious Eater change their minds.

Episodes Appeared: 3 and 4



Personality: A general bad guy with a serious grudge against Teresa

Notes: A member of a bandit group, Rig gets his hand cut off by Teresa when he tries to grab Clare during a bandit attack on Teresa’s camp. He carries such a serious hate for Teresa over the incident that he later disregards his own health to track her down and try to rape her. His attempt to drag Clare off during the bandit attack on Rokut is the trigger that pushes Teresa over the edge and turns her into a renegade.

Episodes Appeared: 5 and 6


Bandit Chief

Special Move: Falcon Sword.

Pesonality: Arrogantly confident, thinks he knows it all.

Notes: A specialist in the use of a sword which can segment into a whiplike blade, this unnamed individual (referred to only as “Chief” in the anime) leads the group of bandits who first confront Teresa at her camp in the woods and later sack the town of Rokut. He is killed by Teresa when he gets so uppity that he thinks he’s a match for her.

Episodes Appeared: 5 and 6