This breakdown is for Claymores in the present timeline who have significant roles in two or more episodes; those who have minimal or no lines or only cameo appearances will be shown in the Minor Claymores list.



Number: 3

Type: Defensive.

Special Moves: unparalleled yoki detection, yoki manipulation.

Personality: Vain, professional but not to a fault.

Notes: Taking orders from the Elder Ermita, Galatea first appears merely as a long-range spy on Clare’s first mission with Miria, Deneve, and Helen but is later sent to track Clare down when she loses contact with the organization. The most vain and conceited of all the Claymores, she is the only one who demonstrates a disdain for power-ups sufficient to alter her appearance. She is not especially a stickler for procedure, and uses her yoki manipulation ability in fights to alter the trajectory of an opponents’ blow sufficiently to cause the opponent to miss.

Episode of First Appearance: 10
English VA: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Japanese VA: Ai Orikasa



Number: 4

Type: Offensive.

Special Moves: Rippling Sword, rotating head beyond normal limitations.

Personality: Psychopathic, gleefully vicious.

Notes: The most villainous of all the Claymores in behavior, Ophelia has a deep-seeded motivation to kill all Awakened Beings after seeing one kill her brother. She does not care who else gets hurt in the process, believes she can sidestep the “no killing humans” policy of the organization by not leaving witnesses, and is not above playfully toying with foes before killing them. She first meets Clare when they are paired on an Awakened Being hunt.

Episode of First Appearance: 11 (but you have to watch carefully to catch it in Miria’s flashback)
English VA: Luci Christian
Japanese VA: Emi Shinohara



Number: 5

Type: Offensive.

Special Moves: Superior ability to hide yoki, others unrevealed.

Personality: Dutiful, reticent, uncompromising.

Notes: A woman who doesn’t bother to explain more than she needs to, Rafaela is the only active Claymore with a readily-apparent major scar. She is proclaimed to be “special” and implied to be even more powerful than her Number would suggest, though this is not explained during the anime series. (Those seeking further details on this can find it in volumes 7 and 12 of the manga.)

Episode of First Appearance: 14
English VA: Kate Oxley
Japanese VA: Satsuki Yukino


(Phantom) Miria

The Claymore Miria

Number: 6

Type: Offensive.

Special Moves Bursts of lightning-fast speed that momentarily leave a mirage behind.

Personality: Serious-minded.

Notes: The leader of Clare’s first Awakened Being-hunting team, Miria seems cold at first but becomes somewhat more congenial once she knows someone well. She rates preserving the lives of her comrades as a priority and is a self-proclaimed “problem child,” though one would not know it by her behavior. Possessing something of a grudge against the organization, she investigates its history and inner workings more than any other Claymore.

Episode of First Appearance: 9
English VA: Monica Rial
Japanese VA: Kikuko Inoue


(Windcutter) Flora

Number: 8

Type: Offensive

Special Moves: Can unsheath her sword, slash with it, and resheath with such speed the naked eye cannot follow it.

Personality: Earnest, authoritative (in a soft way).

Notes: Possessed of a sad face and childlike voice, Flora can nonetheless command respect because of her number and skills. She is one of the few current Claymores who knows of the events of the past story arc and one of the squad leaders of the Northern campaign.

Episode of First Appearance: 18
English VA: TBA
Japanese VA: Miyu Matsuki


Number: 9

Type: Offensive

Special Moves: Can twist arm 21 times to generate a drill-like effect upon releasing the attack.

Personality: Loyal, protective.

Notes: Considered to have the strongest attack of any Claymore (albeit one whose maximum strength requires substantial set-up), Jeane first appears as the leader of the Awakened Being-hunting team who encounters the Dweller of the Deep Riful and is later called on to be a squad leader in the Northern campaign. She deeply feels that she would rather die than awaken and places more value on repaying her debts than on her own life.

Episode of First Appearance: 15
English VA: Laura Bailey
Japanese VA: Kotono Mitsuishi



Number: 11

Type:  Offensive.

Special Moves: Double-sword attack, continually enhanced physique.

Personality: Harsh, plain-spoken, arrogant, intimidating, determined.

Notes: If Undine were a guy she’d be called extremely macho. Motivated by the past loss of a comrade and believing that she has to be strong, she uses her yoki to constantly maintain a bodybuilder’s physique. She gives off a very manly, almost thuggish vibe and doesn’t shy from a fight, but she also has well-hidden vulnerabilities. She leads one of the squads in the Northern campaign.

Episode of First Appearance: 18

English VA: Clarine Harp
Japanese VA: Rie Ishizuka


The Claymore Deneve

Number: 15

Type: Defensive.

Special Moves: Top-rate regeneration.

Personality: Level-headed, perfectionist.

Notes: One of Clare’s companions in her first Awakened Being-hunting assignment, Deneve is the only one besides Miria with previous experience fighting Awakened Beings. She is a friend and effective classmate of Helen and certainly the more even-tempered of the two. She is motivated by her feelings of powerlessness when she saw a yoma slaughtering her sister, and because of her perfectionist nature tends to have problems dealing with her fellow Claymores. She serves on Undine’s team during the Northern campaign and strikes up something of a friendship with her.

Episode of First Appearance: 9
English VA: Caitlin Glass
Japanese VA: Hana Takeda



The Claymore Helen

Number: 22

Type: Offensive.

Special Moves: Extending arms (think Mr. Fantastic).

Personality: Socialable, free-spirited, proactive, mouthy.

Notes: Another of Clare’s companions in her first Awakened Being-hunting assignment, Helen is a friend of Deneve and the polar opposite of her in personality and temperament. She tends to come across aggressively and has a low opinion of Clare at first, but warms to her over time. She also seems to be the rare Claymore who regularly gets hungry and once admits to being aroused by approaching her limit. During the Northern campaign she serves on Veronica’s team.

Episode of First Appearance: 9
English VA: Jamie Marchi
Japanese VA: Miki Nagasawa