This site is dedicated to the 26-episode Claymore anime series which aired on Japanese TV during the spring and summer of 2007.

 In February of 2008 FUNimation announced the American licensure of this series, which began its official American release on October 14th. The first volume's cover art looks somewhat dorky, but the art box looks immensely cool. As the volumes get released I will post the cover art pictures in the American Releases heading below. Many cast members have been confirmed at this point, and their names will be added to the character profiles as they are confirmed and the series comes out. Expect to see regular updates on this for the next year or so.


Thanks go to Jedi General for his assistance on gathering screenshots and assembling the Anime/Manga Correlation Guide.


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Episode Guide (With Manga Correlation)

Main Characters


Awakened Beings

Other Supporting Characters

American Releases


Those of you who have made it through episode 19 may find this parody advertisement to be especially amusing.


Also look here for a Claymore parody take on a fall 2007 movie poster. (But only look at this one after seeing episode 8.)


For an amusing chibi picture of Clare, Miria, Deneve, and Helen, see here.


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