Number: 47 (of 47)

Type: Offensive

Special Moves: Reading the yoki of opponents in battle, superior skill at partially but not fully awakening; also acquires other new tricks over the course of the series.

Personality: Quiet, businesslike, unsocialable.

Notes: The main protagonist of the story, Clare was motivated to become a Claymore by her association with Teresa as a girl. That time also left her with a burning desire to seek vengeance on a particular Awakened Being. Coldly impersonal at first, her association with Raki opens her up just a bit and gives her an alternate reason to live. She is ostensibly the weakest of the current Claymores, but the atypical method by which she was turned into a Claymore gives her unstable yoki which occasionally allows her to demonstrate combat prowess well beyond her ranking.

Episode of First Appearance: 1

English VA: Stephanie Young

Japanese VA: Houko Kuwashima


NOTE: The lower of the two pictures at right is her appearance during the past story arc of episodes 5-8.




Personality: Devoted, naïve, optimistic, determined

Notes: The only recurring character who is not a Claymore, an Elder, or an Awakened Being, Raki meets Clare when she saves him from a yoma attack. Lacking any home and entranced by Clare, Raki follows her, and Clare grudgingly agrees to allow him to accompany her as her “cook.” (Not that she needs one. . .) Although he does learn to use a sword later in the series, early on he is thoroughly worthless in any kind of fight. However, he proves his value by helping to rehumanize Clare and pull her back from the brink of awakening at one crucial point. (And yes, it is interesting that he is a guy playing a role normally reserved for a female character, isn’t it?) After Clare, he has the most screen time of any character in the series.

First Appearance: Episode 1

English VA: Todd Haberkorn

Japanese VA: Motoki Takagi