The northernmost nation in the world of Claymore.



The monstrous transformation a Claymore undergoes when she exceeds her limits and her yoma nature takes over, the ultimate result of which is an Awakened Being. It is generally believed to be impossible to return to humanity after awakening, though more than one Claymore proves over the course of the series that it is possible to come back from a partial awakening.


Awakened Beings

First appearing in episode 8, these are former Claymores who have exceeded their limits and gone through an awakening. Their appearances vary dramatically, but like yoma they still have a hunger for human guts and can assume a purely human form. Because they fully release their yoki, they radiate it more intensely than a Claymore and are generally far stronger than most individual Claymores. The three strongest are called Dwellers of the Deep.


Black Card

A signal within the Claymore organization indicating that a particular Claymore has exceeded her limit and wishes to be slain by a fellow Claymore while she still has some vestige of her humanity left.



One of the beautiful and pure twin goddesses of love, often symbolized in a statue of two back-to-back angelic women. Also the name of the series’ main protagonist.


Claymore-The Individual

A human/yoma hybrid warrior created by infusing the body and essence of a yoma into a young woman, effectively making her half-yoma. The yoma side gives the Claymore superhuman physical abilities, resilience, and healing ability, as well as a minimal need to eat, the ability to sense yoki, and the ability to call on her yoki to strengthen her further, heal faster (even including reattaching severed limbs), or manifest special combat maneuvers. It also turns her hair blond and gives her silver eyes, resulting in Claymores sometimes being called “silver-eyed witches” by normal humans, who mistrust them and generally give them a wide berth. Standard accoutrements include upper torso armor, greaves (i.e. shin guards), sabatons (i.e. foot armor), and a white bodysuit with skirt. Their sole mission is to defeat yoma, and they are forbidden to kill humans under any circumstances.


Claymores who release 10% of their full yoki potential take on the yellow snakelike eyes characteristic of yoma, while a 30% release results in bestial distortions to the face and a 50% release results in such distortions to the body. An 80% release of yoki power is usually the limit beyond which a Claymore cannot pass without awakening, though the most potent special techniques require a Claymore to push close to that limit. Awakening, execution, or death in battle is the inevitable fate of a Claymore; they never retire or die of old age.


Although all current Claymores are female, male Claymores did exist in the earliest days of their organization. They proved too prone to the kinds of power releases that led to awakening, however, hence the later switch to exclusively female warriors.


Claymore-The Organization

The Claymores as an organization are built around the strength of 47 warriors, each assigned to her own region and numbered according to relative strength and fighting ability. Since even the highest-numbered (and thus weakest) Claymores are still potent warriors by human standards, they normally act independently but do sometimes team up for special missions, such as hunting down Awakened Beings or rogue low-numbered members. Each has a handler called an Elder who is answerable to a higher governing body, although little is revealed about them in the anime. Little detail is also revealed about recruitment, training methods, and the process of turning a young woman into a Claymore, although it is known to be painful. It is also apparent that the organization has some kind of feeder system to replace fallen Claymores.


Claymore-The Weapon

Although the two-handed swords used exclusively by Claymores are referred to as claymores, the ones depicted in the anime bear only a passing resemblance to the famous Scottish greatsword, mostly due to the design of the cross guard. They are pure fantasy designs, being both much broader and longer than any traditional claymore.


Defensive Type

One of the two basic subtypes of Claymores, young women motivated by a desire to protect themselves when turned into a Claymores become these. Their special abilities are usually more defensive in nature and they have a much greater ability to heal than Offensive Types, including even regenerating lost limbs. (Offensive Types can reattach them but not regrow them.)


Dweller of the Deep/Abyssal Ones

A former #1 Claymore who has become an Awakened Being. The most powerful of all yoki-using creatures, three are known to exist: one in the North, one in the West, and one in the South. They are so named because they normally content themselves to being recluses, never appearing in public.



This title may in fact refer to any member of the directorial hierarchy of the Claymore organization, but in the anime it is only specifically used towards the handlers who monitor, gives assignments to, and collects payments for individual Claymores. All of the Elders shown in the anime are male, so it is unclear whether or not there are any female Elders.



The seaside northern town where Clare meets Ophelia.



A large town where Clare stops to look for Raki and learns of Jeane’s team.



A town in the Paburo region.


Mt. Shire

A low ruin-topped mountain Clare and Raki visit on one of Clare’s early missions in the series. Has a mountainside town called Shire nearby.



Claymores are ranked #1 through #47 depending on their comparative skill and power levels. The lowest-numbered Claymores are fantastically stronger than the higher-numbered ones, to the point that a top-numbered Claymore can single-handedly stand toe-to-toe against a normal Awakened Being or several fellow lower-numbered Claymores.


Offensive Type

The other of the two basic subtypes of Claymores, young women who have aggressive motivations to become Claymores (such as a desire to attack enemies) at the time of their transformation become these. They have stronger special attack forms than Defensive Types but weaker recuperative abilities.



A mountainous area where Miria’s team hunts for an Awakened Being.



The principle city of Alphonse and the location of most of the action in the later episodes of the series.



The “holy city”, it has a strict rule against entry by unnatural beings – which means no Claymores.



A small town nestled in the mountains that Teresa and Clare head to after leaving Teo.



The land in which the Claymore organization is based.



A town infested by seven yoma, and the place where Teresa meets Clare.



The other of the beautiful and pure twin goddesses of love, often symbolized in a statue of two back-to-back angelic women. Also the name of a former #1 Claymore.



The yoma-infested town where Clare first meets Miria (and two unidentified Claymores).


Voracious Eater

A name initially given to particularly long-lived yoma, though it later turns out to be just a cover name for something else.



The supernatural energy possessed by Awakened Beings, Claymores, and yoma which empowers them and allows them to transform, amongst other feats. The stronger of such individuals can usually sense the yoki of others.



In their true forms yoma are demonic-looking humanoid monsters, but they can assume human forms to disguise their presence. They radiate yoki and feed primarily on human internal organs.



A mountainous region in the West.