The centerpiece of the series is the collection of female warriors called Claymores by the general populace. All of the identifiable Claymores who appear throughout the series have been broken down into three categories, each with their own separate page. Other Claymore-related details can also be found here.


NOTE: All of the Claymores have English names, but translating them into Japanese and back, as well as the inability of Japanese voice actors to pronounce some names correctly, have resulted in some spelling discrepancies. Where available, official English versions from the American anime release are used. In other cases,  I use the most sensible compromises between the English adaptation manga spellings, fansub spellings, and the closest equivalent which logically makes sense (e.g. Raquel instead of Rakel or Amelia instead of Emelia).


Past Claymores presents the Claymores who figure prominently into the flashback story arc in episodes 5-8, which detail a young Clare’s first encounters with Claymores and her motivation for becoming one herself. Two of them also figure significantly into the current timeline story arcs.


Major Claymores lists all the Claymores (besides Clare) who play prominent roles in the current timeline story arcs. As a general rule this means Claymores who appear in at least two different episodes and make a significant impact on the story during their appearances. (Veronica, for instance, is not included in this category because, while she does appear in several late episodes, she does not particularly distinguish herself.)


Minor Claymores covers all other identified Claymores who make at least one verifiable appearance or are at least referred to by name.


Northern Campaign Teams provides a summarized breakdown of which Claymores are on which teams during the Northern campaign of episodes 18+.


Claymore Symbols provides a picture I cam across showing all Claymore symbols that can definitively be associated with a character name. (Note that some characters in this picture only appear in the manga.)


Claymore Rankings provides a summarized list of the numbers of all active Claymores who appear in the current timeline.