Awakened Beings are what Claymores turn into when they release too much yoki and are unable to change back or be killed before they transform. The transformation gives them a new physical form which varies dramatically from individual to individual, although many can still revert to a human form as they choose. (Curiously, most female Awakened Beings revert to childlike forms when they take on human forms, while male Awakened Beings invariably take on adult forms.) The transformation also makes them tremendously more powerful, since they are now fully releasing their yoki, although their relative power level compared to other Awakened Beings still correlates to their comparative Numbers when a Claymore (i.e. an Awakened Being who is a former #1 is immensely stronger than an Awakened Being who was a former #20). Abilities vary from Being to Being and may be relevant to their abilities as a Claymore, although numerous extendable appendages which can slash or spear opponents seems to be a common feature. Like yoma, Awakened Beings feast on human guts.


            All characters who start as Awakened Beings are depicted here, as are the fully awakened forms of those characters who become Awakened Beings over the course of the series. Humanoid and non-humanoid appearances are provided where available, unless the humanoid appearance has been shown elsewhere on this site.




Former Claymore Number: 2

Notes: Priscilla irrevocably exceeds her limit while fighting Teresa in the past story arc, and her new nature as an Awakened Being takes over when Teresa tries to execute her before she can finish her transformaiton. As the killer of the #1, #4, and #5-ranked Claymores of the time (and the presumed killer of the #3-ranked Claymore) all in the same encounter, Priscilla is regarded as one of the most powerful of all Awakened Beings in the anime series, so much so that the organization is reluctant to even try to deal with her and her presence as Easley’s companion upsets the balance of power amongst the Dwellers of the Deep. The manga further clarifies that she even defeated Easley, though in both versions her mental instability led her to regress into a childlike state until she sensed Teresa’s yoki in Clare during the Northern campaign. While in that childlike state she becomes attracted (nearly attached, in fact) to Raki. 


Priscilla is also the invidual responsible for giving Clare the final push towards becoming a Claymore, and killing her is Clare’s primary underlying motivation throughout the entire anime series.


Episode of First Appearance As An Awakened Being: 8

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Human Form:

Initial Awakened Form:

Final Awakened Form:


Riful of the West


Type: Dweller of the Deep/Abyssal One

Former Claymore Number: 1

Personality: Sociopathic, playful.

Notes: The first #1-ranked female Claymore and one of three cases of a #1 awakening, Riful is much more interested in converting Claymores into Awakened Beings to work with her against Easley than she is in killing them, although she does have standards. To this end she attempts to lure more powerful Claymores into her lair, capture them, and torture them until they awaken. She has taken Dauf as her lover because he is supposedly one of the rare individuals who can survive being with her.

Episode of First Appearance: 16


Human Form:

Awakened Form:




Type: Offensive (?).

Former Claymore Rank: 3

Special Moves: Shooting metal rods out of his body, exceptionally hard armored skin (even by Awakened Being standards).

Notes: Originating from Isley’s time, Dauf is Riful’s lover. A rather thuggish individual, he is utterly at her direction and apparently not terribly bright. The most demonstrably lewd of all the Awakened Beings, he disdains dealing with men, preferring instead to deal with women, whom he like to strip down. He also delights in killing when Riful allows him to do so and can be a bit of a baby at times.

Episode of First Appearance: 16


Human Form:

Awakened Form:


Easley/Isley of the North (The Silver King)


Type: Dweller of the Deep/Abyssal One

Former Claymore Number: 1

Personality: Kindly, reflective, and laid back, but also has a ruthless streak.

Notes: A former #1-ranked Claymore who eventually settled in the North after awakening, Easley has stirred up trouble in the current timeline by taking the extremely powerful Priscilla as a companion and assembling an army of Awakened Beings to march south on a rampage of destruction. (Although the anime never explains why, the manga explains that his goal is to attack the other Dwellers of the Deep.) The Northern campaign in episodes 18+ is all about stopping his efforts. He encounters and befriends Raki during the early stages of the Northern campaign and trains him some in swordfighting, though he never reveals his true form (or admits what he really is) to Raki.

Episode of First Appearance: 18


Human Form:

Awakened Form:


Rigardo (The Silver-Eyed Lion King)


Type: Offensive

Former Claymore Number: 2

Personality: Arrogant, quiet, bloodthirsty.

Notes: Originating from Isley’s time, Rigardo is Isley’s right-hand man and field commander. There are suggestions that he works for Isley because Isley once defeated him in a fight, and he no longer cares for use of his nickname. His name is feared and respected amongst Claymores “in the know.” When the assembled Claymores prove able to put up resistance against the second wave of attacks on Pieta, he takes it upon himself to assassinate their leaders.

Episode of First Appearance: 20


Human Form:

Awakened Form:



Type: Offensive

Former Claymore Number: 4

Notes: Ophelia awakened during her efforts to recover from the severe injuries Irene inflicted on her when she saved Clare from Ophelia. Initially Ophelia was not aware that she had awakened, and only came to realize that fact when she saw a reflection of herself while fighting Clare. Upon realizing that she had become the very thing she hated most (her sister was killed by Priscilla), she allowed Clare to kill her.

Episode of First Appearance As An Awakened Being: 13

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Former Claymore Number: 32

Notes: Forced to awaken while being tortured by Riful and Dauf, Kathia was quickly judged to be too weak to be of much use to Riful and so was promptly dispatched by Dauf.

Episode of Appearance As An Awakened Being: 16

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Former Claymore Number: 6

Notes: Shown only briefly in a flashback, she was killed by Miria before Miria realized that she was Miria’s friend.

Episode of Appearance: 11

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Male Awakened Being (Paburo Region)

Notes: This is the Awakened Being that fought the Miria/Clare/Deneve/ Helen team prior to the Northern campaign.

Episodes of Appearance: 9-11

Female Awakened Being

Former Claymore Number: Single-digit

Notes: First appearing as a human girl, she fought and was ultimately defeated by Ophelia.

Episode of Appearance: 12


Male Awakened Beings (Isley’s Scouts)

Notes: These three were sent to Pieta by Isley to assess the strength of the Claymore presence there. Isley considered them disposable, and despite posing a great threat they were unable to kill even a single Claymore before being dispatched by the collective efforts of the Claymore teams. Though they had different personalities and abilities, all were arrogant and initially appeared in human form.

Episodes of Appearance: 18 and 19